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Cortney's latest book, "When the Nurse Becomes a Patient: A Story in Words and Images," a powerful and personal illness narrative, was published by Kent State University Press in March, 2015. Poet Jeanne Bryner, in her introduction to "When the Nurse Becomes a Patient" writes: The honest paintings in Cortney Davis�s When the Nurse Becomes a Patient allow us to enter the experience of illness not from a bird�s eye view or from across the table, but from one brush stroke away. In twelve amazing paintings and commentaries we see a woman�s dependency unveiled, how the body becomes faceless, sexless and totally exposed from the husking of our layered selves to be remade by the many hands, words and deeds of caregivers. This is a civil war, and Davis is the nurse who strayed outside the fort. She was captured in the country of illness. If you are not afraid of the mouth�s bear of terror, then take her hand, be brave enough to travel with her.

"When the Nurse Becomes a Patient" has been awarded a Gold Medal Living Now Award, an Ameriocan Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award, A Gold Medal Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers, and was a finalist in the memoir category in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.