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   Leopold’s Maneuvers

   Intensive Care: More Poetry
   and Prose by Nurses

   I Knew a Woman: Four
   Women Patients and Their
   Female Caregiver

   Willy Nilly Poems for Children

   Details of Flesh

   Between the Heartbeats:
   Poetry and Prose by Nurses

   The Body Flute

   Is It a Baby, or Just Some



Is It a Baby, or Just Some Cells?

In this booklet I tell the story of how, during my more than 16 years in women's health, I became pro-life. My mind was changed by the women I cared for, the procedures I observed, and the abortions in which I participated—a transformation which occurred over time and not without much hesitation on my part. Understanding how risky, how unpopular it is to be pro-life in a pro-choice world, I offer this testimony of my own journey, in hopes that it might help you on yours.