Leopold’s Maneuvers

   Intensive Care: More Poetry
   and Prose by Nurses

   I Knew a Woman: Four
   Women Patients and Their
   Female Caregiver

   Willy Nilly Poems for Children

   Details of Flesh

   Between the Heartbeats:
   Poetry and Prose by Nurses

   The Body Flute



Intensive Care: More Poetry
and Prose by Nurses

Winner of the 2004 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award

Intensive Care has what it takes—exceptional quality and a variety of styles and topics. I’d recommend this book to anyone in the health professions who likes stories and is interested in the human dimension of patient care. Moreover, this anthology will be a valuable resource for use in literature, humanities, or ethics courses in nursing schools and for similar courses in medical schools as well. It’s worth far more than the price of admission.”
—Jack Coulehan in Journal of the American Medical Association

“The collection welcomes not only the soft, angel-of-mercy side of nursing, (which is easy), but the angry, political, shocking, dark, and all-too-human aspects of nursing that we all know are there.”
                  —Karen Roberts, judge for the AJN Book of the Year Award

“What an exquisite depiction of what real nursing is about.”
                  —Diana Mason, editor, American Journal of Nursing