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   Leopold’s Maneuvers

   Intensive Care: More Poetry
   and Prose by Nurses

   I Knew a Woman: Four
   Women Patients and Their
   Female Caregiver

   Willy Nilly Poems for Children

   Details of Flesh

   Between the Heartbeats:
   Poetry and Prose by Nurses

   The Body Flute

   Is It a Baby, or Just Some




The Body Flute

This hand-set, hand-sewn chapbook of five poems was produced by Gary Metras at his Adastra Press in Massachusetts. The first edition of 360 copies was printed on felt-textured Strathmore Grandee paper with a flame-like woodcut ending each poem and blood-red inside covers.

“The central voices we find expressed in this brave poetry are those voices which occupy the conscious selflessness of a nurse. Davis writes ragelessly and truthfully about her experiences. Probably this poetry is too honorable ever to be widely circulated and widely appreciated, because honorable behavior is anathema to the denizens of the shallows. Bravo.” —Dusty Dog Reviews