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   Leopold’s Maneuvers

   Intensive Care: More Poetry
   and Prose by Nurses

   I Knew a Woman: Four
   Women Patients and Their
   Female Caregiver

   Willy Nilly Poems for Children

   Details of Flesh

   Between the Heartbeats:
   Poetry and Prose by Nurses

   The Body Flute

   Is It a Baby, or Just Some



Between the Heartbeats:
Poetry and Prose by Nurses

“A striking, often beautiful collection which brings to speech what occurs between the caring and the cared for—moments at the edges of life when, for most of us, even crucial communication seems beyond the reach of words. Coming now, Between the Heartbeats seems a particularly important book, breaking as it does the silence of women and men, who, perhaps more than any others, live the essentials behind the health care debate.”
                                    —Honor Moore

“This volume of poetry and prose is written by nurses about their experiences of caring. It describes their disasters, their triumphs, their joy and sorrow. It is, quite simply, wonderful. Beg, steal or borrow this book; if that fails, buy it.”
                                                                              Nursing Times